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January 2019 Debt Check-In

Starting this month, I will do check-ins on my progress in paying off my debt monthly. I will give you an estimate of the amount of debt I’m projected to have paid off since I started paying off debt in December 2018.

Each month, I will also update the total from the last month just in case during my end of the month budget review, I’m able to put more towards debt.

I’m currently estimated to pay off $3,521.32 total by January 31st. I’ve already started my mid-month reconciliation and already expect to have another $83 to put towards my next card to pay off which is my American Express. I did a projection for the second half of the month and it looks like I may be about to put another $300+ on top of the $83 which is CRAZY! That would be an extra $500+ put towards my AMEX this month! I’m shocked yall. My goal was an extra $200 towards debt a month!

I do my budget live in my facebook group monthly and also do the check-ins in detail over there. You see where the money came from and how I’m allocating it. I love the community and accountability! It’s amazing to see so many amazing people putting in work towards paying off their debt. Did you pay extra towards debt this month?

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