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March 2019 Savings Goal

I know you’re like “wait girl…savings?” Aren’t we on this debt pay off I journey? Aren’t you trying to pay off part of your next Credit Card? Why isn’t this a Debt goal for March? I KNOW! I KNOW!

So, in taking stock of my financial situation, my ultimate goal is to be a GOOD STEWARD over my money. I want to use it in the wisest way. Part of that is NOT adding on additional debt that I don’t have to. So, something has come up that I need to pay for and I don’t want to rely on the credit cards that I’ve paid off or available credit on other cards to cover it. I want to be able to CASH FLOW it.

Cash flowing is paying for it in cash. In order to do that, in a short time, I will have to pause my debt payoff and put the funds towards saving for this thing. If it turns out I won’t need this thing, then I’ll allocate the funds to debt. Once I have more details on the thing, I will let you know more.

So, how did I feel about this? CONFLICTED AF! It almost hurt my heart to think that I wouldn’t be putting anything extra to debt this month. However, I knew that it would be setting me up to not get myself back into debt. I’ve paid off around 6k in debt in the last 3 months and I don’t want to end back at square one. While this is a pause, it’s not forever. It’s for a specific goal.

I will be taking the $550 EXTRA that I would have paid to debt this month PLUS $510 from my State Refund that was going into my business account to go towards this goal. I already have $1250 saved so that will bring me to $2310. I will hopefully add more to that in April and if necessary use my Emergency fund that’s at $1000. If I use my EF, I’ll have to refund it BEFORE starting back on debt. I’ll take you all through the journey with me.

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