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February 2019 Debt Update

For February 2019 my goal was to pay off my American Express Card. I had a pretty big balance going into the month, so I was very unsure about whether I’d meet the goal or not.

My monthly payment to the card was $91 because I snowballed the payment from the previously paid off card into this payment. That would still leave me with about $650 to pay off.


Not only was I able to actually pay it off but I was able to also but another $150 EXTRA towards the next card in my debt snowball. And I was able to treat myself with a couple of things. I bought a new water bottle and tickets to a comedy show. I’m impressed with myself. I swear money is just falling out of places to help meet my goals. I won’t have as big a debt payment in March, but it will still be significant.

$814 Extra Paid to Debt in February

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