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Self Sabotage

For the last month, I’ve been dealing with different emotions when it comes to my financial journey. As I mentioned before, I am shifting from debt payoff to saving temporarily. That small shift made a huge change in my thoughts and feelings around money.

The money …the exact same money…I would be putting towards debt, would just now go into a savings account. And somehow, that felt like it wasn’t as big of a deal. So, the disappointing feeling started to make me a little more relaxed about my money. I wasn’t looking at my budget as much. I was spending money eating out more. I just wasn’t as tight.

I was self sabotaging because I didn’t feel as good about the new goal of savings as I did about the debt payoff. Even still, I’m working on things in the background to make the debt payoff pop off when it starts again. In the meantime, I still have to actively work on celebrating the savings too because it’s SOMETHING. It’s not like my journey stopped, it just shifted.

Small wins like getting paid and still having most of the money from the last pay check is a win. Getting paid and not using the money for almost two weeks is a win. These are things that I couldn’t do before. This is a work in progress. I’m learning.

Do you enjoy paying debt or savings more and why?

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