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My First Debt-Free Journey Mistake

This isn’t about to be a long post because honestly, my first mistake was simple and obvious! I did not start! I waited. I was waiting for the perfect time, the perfect situation, the thing that would make it easier, a partner.

As the years ticked on, none of these things were lining up. I wasn’t getting healthier, I didn’t have a higher paying job, I didn’t have a man, but I did have this debt. I got to the point, where I was looking at my debt and what I wanted out of life and decided enough was enough and I needed to work on myself!

I started to seek out those in the debt-free space that looked like me and were going through the journey. I didn’t find many. Most people in the community were debt-free or almost debt-free, and partnered. This didn’t help with my initial guilt and fear of judgement. But, I figured if I could just start and be transparent, I could have a community that I’m accountable to and I could help people start as well!

Where are you on your budgeting and debt-free journey?

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