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Single on Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day! + I am SINGLE! 

Not just Single… I recently said that I am relaxing on dating. Just a smidgen. I may have even just completely deaded a situation yesterday…or not. Who knows? 

However, that doesn’t mean I don’t desire love. That doesn’t mean today doesn’t make me extremely happy but sometimes I am like “dang who tryna send me an edible arrangement (no flowers bc ALLERGIC) for me to nibble upon?”

Photo by @tinita_tennant_photography

So how am I really doing today? How do you survive Valentine’s Day Single? I’m doing GREAT! I’m very happy with the decisions that I am making in love. I’m very happy with the decisions I am making for my life. Even though I would love to have someone now, I’m not going to rush it. I’m very much preparing MYSELF to be an amazing partner to whoever this incredibly lucky man will be. Bruh…if you’re reading this. You about to get you a GOOD GOOD thang! And I still love LOVE. I enjoy seeing the babies taking their valentine’s to class and dressed in their little baby valentines day outfits. *heart eyes* I love seeing people get engaged, get deliveries (especially if they sharing candy or fruit or cake LOL), and it’s totally my granny’s birthday so today is always great! I’m taking myself to Therapy tonight and buying myself something good to eat. Then tomorrow I’m going to Galentine’s day happy hour with my soror!

Photo by @tinita_tennant_photography

Last year, my friend Yasmine and I discussed this on the podcast, so take a listen if you are interested.

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