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Please Me, Baby

SEX! Whew child!  How open are you talking about sex? I am pretty damn open especially with my friends AND even more so with my partner. Real talk…the former came WAY BEFORE the latter.  Growing sexually has been something that I have taken on like growing mentally, emotionally, etc. Also.  Yes, I’m a Christian. No, I’m not a Virgin.  Jesus still be texting me because we cool.  He sick of me but he sick of you too.  Also…sex is GOOD.  Never been bad.  You may have been socialized to think it was but that’s another post for another week.  

Please Me, Baby featuring Ashley Cobb by When Whit Happens Season 2, Episode 7 In this episode, we kick off the begging of Sex Talk Month. I interview Ashley Cobb of Sex with Ashley about several topics around sex including when do people get the sex talk and what’s the most common things people don’t know about sex.

I love discussing intimacy, sex, Desires, and different views.  Just like I may not be every religion, taking a world religions class was the most interesting class I had in college. I’m interested in learning about sex and how people interact…   this month on the blog and podcasts, we are discussing sex.   Today, we start off by talking to Ashley Cobb of Sex with Ashley.  We’re also going to discuss Sex and the Christian Church, sex and Dating, Sex and your Vaginal health.

We talking talking.  Don’t be ashamed.  Get excited.  I am! You ready?

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