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Ciara’s Prayer

I’m single single. There are certain things that I would love to have in a partner and that are non-negotiable.  If I do say so myself, I’m a great ass catch.  But, I can’t expect someone to have the qualities that I am not at least working on.  If you remember that post by Nicole Ari Parker recently you kind of understand what I’m getting at.  People have asked her what her prayer was to get Boris (like they ask Ciara about Russell) and she said she wrote her list and it kind of smacked her in the face like “SIS…and what are you working on?”

My Prayer/Work List for myself

  1. I’m working on my finances as I want a financially stable partner

  2. I’m working on my goals and my career as I want someone who is the same and is a support system

  3. If I don’t know what I truly want – it will be easy for me to be distracted supporting my partner more than focusing on my dream

  4. I’m working on my health and fitness.  No, I don’t wanna be skinny to meet a man but I do already have health issues.

  5. I want someone who won’t be scared of that

  6. I want to be even more fearless about talking about my illness and how I got here and how I’m’ moving forward

  7. I want someone who will support me in sickness and health.

  8. So I need to do the best that I can do to be healthy within my means – so I’m taking that very seriously. 

  9. I’m also physically and mentally clearing spaces in my mind and home.  

  10. Not so much that I plan for someone to move into my apartment but I want to actually make room for a partner in whatever way that is.

  11. I like my space, I like living alone.  Marriage would be a whole turn around for me.  Full 180.  So I want to prepare my mind and space for the eventual happening.

So, this is how I’m working on myself so that I’m the best current version of me that I can be. And in that, maybe I’ll meet a partner that matches my fly.

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