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Keep Your Germs Away

It’s that time of the year where a lot of people get the sniffles, colds, and flus. The conditions are prime for illness. People are also tired, stressed, and ready for a break. It seems like the immune systems go on vacation before we do for the holidays. That means a lot of people are unfortunately sick in the last few weeks of work before the new year.


No, seriously. For the last four years, my immune system has been compromised from the medications I’ve been on. I’ve weaned off the primary medicine now but to think my immune system rebounded from 4 years of the meds in 4 months is absurd. It hasn’t. So, stay away from me. Your cold or the last days of your flu could mean a serious and long hospitalization for me.

I try to avoid people who are sick and sanitize and take meds but that still doesn’t mean I’m 100% protected. Luckily, I’m starting to learn my body and I can detect the changes quickly when I start to get sick. My body tells me stuff immediately because it’s busy doing a lot so it’s like HANDLE THIS.

THIS TIME..i still caught the cold but I knew it was coming on day 1/2. So, I started taking my special concoction of medications, slept with no AC or fan (sweat it out), slept with fuzzy socks and rubbed myself down with vicks. The most important part is the meds though. Because I caught it early, it never affected my respiration. However, I was fully prepared to go to Urgent Care or my PCP to get that ZPack I’d need if it did.

STILL…I’m still recovering. I still have a cough and my sinuses are still out of whack because my IMMUNE SYSTEM IS COMPROMISED. If not, after I knocked this out in 2-3 days, I probably would have been fine. Instead, I’m having to really learn how my new body adapts to illness. I’ve slept A LOT. I took a day off of pilates because the rest felt more important than the workout. That day made a huge difference!

In conclusion…if you’re sick STAY HOME IF YOU CAN!! PLEASE!!

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