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My Illness Isn’t Why I go to Therapy

I’ve been going to therapy since I moved to New Orleans and it’s been a great decision. However, I think the assumption has been that I started therapy when I got sick or because I got sick. That’s not the case, although, it comes up but not often.

There were things that I learned about during my diagnosis struggle that were significant. I haven’t even shared them all with everyone. Only my inner circle really knows. When someone found out about one thing, their first thought was that I should talk to someone about it. I’m still processing it some myself, so I’m not sure I’m ready to even talk to my therapist about it. However, maybe soon. My illness rarely comes up in therapy because I’m pretty stable. My therapist makes sure I’m booking and going to all my doctor’s appointments though.

The truth is that my thought process is extremely logical. That could be a fault sometimes. However, it’s provided me with a very strong ability to cope and adapt. For the most part, you can’t throw me off with change at this point because well because as long as I’m living…things can get better. I’ve almost died twice and that has actually fortified my need to do more in life.

In therapy, I mainly make sure I’m not over thinking and processing things. I use it to get out things and frustrations about life, family, friends, work, myself, and more. My illness has become such a part of my daily life, it’s like asking me to discuss my blackness. It just IS. THERE are still times when something happens and I want to burst into tears but they are quick and logical Lucy in me knows how to cope. Seriously, my oxygen cord can get caught on something and pull my ear and WATERWORKS.

I’ve been able to talk through things I don’t always get to discuss with everyone. It’s a central place where I can talk through all the things going on in my life and it helps me clear my mind and gives me methods to handle positive and negative things that may happen. I look forward to going to therapy. With moving and my illness, I’m going to be adjusting for forever, so it’s good to have a centering point. Even though my illness isn’t why I go to therapy, it still helps me cope with that. When I can handle everything else in my life with grace, the illness just becomes another one of those things I handle well despite the adversities.

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