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My Club Pilates Experience

In July, a friend of mine started to talk about her experience at Club Pilates. I was intrigued. I had been considering Pilates but never took the steps to go. I was actually scared. Since I had gotten sick, I had developed a fear of working out. I was unsure if Pilates would work for me and if I could do it with my oxygen. When Yolanda did it and enjoyed it, I thought that I should at least try it. I had been procrastinating for long enough with stepping back into workouts.

One of my best friends was in town and I asked another friend to go and the three of us went to the Intro Class. We had no idea what to expect but we had a nice healthy breakfast before we left and by the time we left, I was STARVED. We worked out so hard in that 30 minute class. I remember there were things that I couldn’t do but I wasn’t discouraged. I was given modifications and encouragement. I was SOLD on signing up that day. Best of all…I didn’t feel like I had over exerted myself.

Club Pilates offers classes at varying levels and different class styles. My favorite style is Flow. They offer Cardio Sculpt Classes, Suspend classes (using the TRX straps), Control Classes, Interval Training Classes, and Center+Balance to round it all out. The levels go from 1, 1.5, to 2. There’s a class and a level for everybody. Also, Level 1 doesn’t mean easy. It just means a slower pace and more time to learn. We still can touch every piece of equipment and get an intense workout.

Since I started, I have gotten so much stronger. I’ve been able to use muscles that I didn’t even know I had. I wasn’t new to working out before I got sick but Pilates reaches depths that I hadn’t reached before. The little things that Club Pilates has helped me with are life changing. I knew that I walked on the outside of my foot but never knew how to correct that. Coach Mike began calling out when my feet weren’t pressed evenly and it’s started to change how I walk daily and improve my stride and the wear and tear on my shoes.

As someone on oxygen, breathing is very important. Correct breath is integral. Getting sick made me realize that I didn’t know how to properly breath. Not only that, I’ve been plus sized my whole life. So, subconsciously, I didn’t want to be the fat girl that was breathing heavy and would in a way hold by breath when I walked or moved about. The impact that this has on your life after decades of doing it. Doing pilates at Club Pilates has helped me be able to learn how to breathe properly. I can now walk around stores, exercise at home, or do day to day things and stay better oxygenated.

It’s crazy that I have also lost over 30lbs since starting Club Pilates. That is significant weight loss. My body is changing and getting stronger with each class. I feel supported in my goals and am pushed to try harder each time. The coaches at Club Pilates are very well trained and they work with you and your best interest. Club Pilates has been one of the best things that I’ve done for my health. I’m stronger and in control of my workouts. I really feel like this has been a catalyst to feeling like myself again!

If Club Pilates is near you, give it a try!

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