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2017 Reflections

It has really been an insanely long amount of time since I’ve written on the blog for real and I’m a little ashamed but I’m here.  2017 was a very interesting year. I think that it may have been one of the best years that I’ve had in a long time. I set out the year looking to do a few things and it looks like I did way more than that. I knew that I wanted to travel a lot I knew I wanted to spend time with my friends and number one on my to do list for 2017 was actually to find my husband.

I definitely did a lot of traveling I start at the beginning of the year pretty much going somewhere essentially every month for a while there.

I went to Dallas for a friend’s birthday.

I went to Charlotte for a friend’s wedding.

I went to Aruba for vacation!

I went to New Orleans for a work conference.

 I went home to Arkansas.

I went on a beach vacation which I like to do every year to Virginia.

It was just a really good year for travel. Not only that, but the Aruba trip with my first trip out of the country and that trip was everything.   It was a week and I wish it were longer.  I had such a good time with my friends and I can’t wait to travel some more.

However, it turns out that the trip that had the biggest impact with Dallas. When I was on the trip, I had dinner with two of my friends from college. There I was really talking about moving down south again at some point in the next two years and they both kind of pushed me to look to moving just as soon as possible and I kind of  decided that was ludicrous.

So life had happened and I ended up getting a new job in New Orleans which is currently where I am living now.  I moved here in September.  So I can say part of the reason I’ve been MIA.   It’s because I moved my entire life halfway across the country and fortunately the move has been amazing for me. I do have a lot to say about why I chose to move and what happened in the move because there were some craziness but I’ll save those for other blog post. But I will say that the move was absolutely positively the best thing that I could’ve done. I also decided to start dating when I get to New Orleans and I happen to have meet somebody and that’s a story for another time.

I was going to say that the main thing that I set out to kind of do in 2017 that I didn’t do was really lose most of the weight that I gained when I started taking prednisone for my illness. However,  it turns out that I have actually lost 20 pounds this year so I can’t say that I failed on that front. If you are my friend on Facebook or follow me on Instagram you may have noticed my hashtag for 2017 for Everybody Else, of course, was #WeAreAllPregnant2017 and it was a great year of seeing those pregnancies just come to pass. But for real I really love babies and though it really did bring my heart joy babies weren’t the only thing that hashtag was about.

It was really a good year for getting yourself together and a year of pulling together things that you wanted to work on.  So really, if you weren’t pregnant physically you could’ve been pregnant with a lot of ideas a lot of things you wanted to do.  What I really want for 2018 is for it to be a year of execution. My theme for this year is #WeAreAllChose2018 and well it will be nice for us to be for relationships, marriages, and so on. But like the 2017 one this can be chose on so many different levels and we will see how that plays out.

Happy 2018!!!

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