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Updates on Life and Thank yous

So, I’ve opened up wordpress probably daily over the last week to write a blog and CLEARLY it hasn’t happened.  I’ve been semi-busy and FULLY tired.

The new meds I’m on have the LOVELY quality of making you tired while SIMULTANEOUSLY making it difficult for you to fall asleep at night.  Therefore, I been on that coffee iv!

So updates.

I’d like to thank everyone who has donated to my gofundme.  I’ve paid off a couple of hospital bills, put a down payment on movers, and will be buying more moving supplies this weekend.  The money is in a savings account so that I have access to it when I need it.  THANK YOU ALL!

I move on October 18th, so time is running out for packing.  Feel free to volunteer your services.  Thanks to the homies who have already been out to help and who will be coming to help.

I went to the hospital on Monday to get more tests.  I was in an MRI machine for almost 2 hours.  I wouldn’t recommend it!  If you’re claustrophobic, you might be dead if you did that.  It’s tight!  Then I met with one of my specialists after.  She then told me that if they didn’t see anything definitive in the MRI, they will have no clue what to do with me or what’s causing my issues or how to fix them.

I’ve had cameras put down my throat while I was AWAKE, catheters put into my neck through a vein into my heart while i was AWAKE, CT scans, other scans, all types of cardiograms, Pulmonary function tests, and now an MRI and YALL DON’T KNOW MUCH…STILL?


Dear Jesus,

You know what the issue is, right?  So, can you…ummm…put it on the spirits of Dr. XXXX and Dr. XXXX so they can properly treat me.  See, I can’t wait to meet you and all but LATER THOUGH.  I can’t just be sitting around here all undiagnosed and being poked on.  Also, can you make someone accidentally delete my medical bills and student loans and never notice or correct it.



Mom was sent home to do her rehab but they had to take her back to the hospital to get some things back on track.  She will likely go back to rehab before she comes home again.

Thanks for all the thoughts, prayers, words, donations, and love.  I appreciate it all.  Keep me lifted and KEEP CHECKING ON ME!  I may not ask…but I NEED IT!

The gofundme is still live.  Feel free to share:

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