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Sowing into Yourself

Season 3 of the When Whit Happens podcast has wrapped up with two major interviews of women who have a love for gardening. Both of these women also have used the garden to sow into their lives and mental health.

Tishelle is a medical professional who fell into her true passion of design even though she resisted it. Now she designs for various clients and has pivoted her services to emphasize her digital design offering which has been a pre-2020 staple.

Tinita is a military mom and writer who turned away from her photography business to focus on writing and mental health especially though gardening. She's has used the metaphor and the physical acts of gardening to strengthen her relationships.

As we close season 3 and I go into a time of rest (from the podcast), listen to these pivotal episodes and let me know how much they spoke to you.

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