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Secrets Revealed

I’m typically a pretty private person.  I have my circle of trust and that circle is very small.  There is a tight circle right outside the periphery of that circle but I’m pretty silent beyond that.

I know it seems weird for a person who blogs and all the things I’ve done but alas…it just is how it is. 

Well, this year, some things have happened and I’ve been fairly silent about them.  I may have referenced them but I haven’t really talked about them.

This year has been a banner year for craziness in my life. 

First and foremost: I’m sick.  *whew* That took a lot to say.  Those two words.  Since I’m finally beginning to be diagnosed I can pretty much say, I have an illness that I will keep for the rest of my life that affects my lungs and breathing.  If you know me you know I’ve had asthma issues for the last several years but now they have been compounded or morphed into this.  Exactly how it happened…I don’t know yet nor do I know if I’ll find out.

How did I get here?  Well I’ve mentioned being hospitalized earlier this year.  Basically, I was rushed to the hospital for pain and needed surgery to remove my gall bladder.  I had the surgery and immediately developed a severe case of pneumonia, became hypoxic and had pulmonary failure.  I had to be entubated for a week and remained hospitalized another week after that and pretty much stuck at home for a month after that.  Unfortunately, while a lot of my condition has improved, my hypoxia has persisted so a cause needed to be determined.  Since then, I’ve been on supplemental oxygen (think “Fault in Our Stars”) but fortunately it isn’t needed 24/7.  

Since I’m going to be sharing pics and videos and such of me and my life, I figured I needed to let the cat out of the bag.  Sometimes I’m going to be wearing my oxygen in a video or even in a pic.  I don’t feel like taking if off to be “cute” or “normal” sometimes and THAT’S OK.

I’m still cute…see

photo 1 (1)

So I’ve been dealing with this for the last few months with help from my circle of trust and have been coping but it always get darker before the light.  I’ve been having more tests lately and it’s been draining.  Also, unfortunately, my mother had a severe stroke last month.  She’s still recovering.  So, I had to rush home to see her for a few days during a time when I was going through a “flare up”.  It was trying emotionally and physically but I’m thankful for the support that was given to me during this time. (So now you see why I went MIA in August and did not complete the challenge).  When I got back, my car needed major repairs…WHY ME?  Darkest before the light right…

I’m hoping September brings the light.  I’m going to be sharing more and be a little more consistent. God Willing! 

Another announcement: I’m moving! But it’s just to a new apartment.  My current place is down a hill and on the second floor.  With my breathing condition this is a struggle.  So I’m going to be going to a ground floor walk up for my health.  With everything and me being private, I’ve been struggling silently to get all of this together in the last few months.  Moving, medical bills, trips home, medications…it’s been a lot for me in every way imaginable.  I’ve opened up a GoFundMe to ask for any help with making ends meet.  If you can give a little or alot.  I’d appreciate it.  Here is the link to that page:

You’ll be seeing and reading more from me soon.  Now smile…

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