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Paying Bills Sucks

It’s like the anticipation of Christmas morning but like in reverse.  It’s a reaping of sorts…like Hunger Games…you know it’s coming and you’re used to it but man is it cruel.  Every time the end of the month comes the first is looking at you like you better have my SHIT! And by shit…it means…bi**h better have my money.  It’s time to pay bills!

Let me be the first to say that I’m THANKFUL that I can pay my bills but that doesn’t mean I want to.  That’s like after I ram my toe into the dresser when I’m sleep drunk going to the bathroom and saying “be grateful you have a toe”.  REALLY!  There have been times when I didn’t have enough to pay the bills or times when my rent was $500 more (see living in Maryland) but even though things are better…I’m still annoyed.

I absolutely worked too hard for RENT, STUDENT LOANS, CELL PHONE, CAR LOAN, and the rest of their ashy ass cousins just to come up in here and take that cute little deposit that I got into my account just literal moments ago.

Why for? Why me?  What is the folly of my ways that led me to this place? 

In the meantime, until I can win the lottery, I’m just going to make myself feel better by knowing that THIS IS US…ALL OF US!! We are in this struggle together.   Who wants to pay bills?  I’m sure even Auntie Oprah looks at that mortgage check (that she signs) or those payroll checks like BRUH?!?!

Let me just grind out so it’s less of an annoyance.  My CashApp is $WhitneyNWest in case you wanna be a blessing! lol

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