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My Jesus Year

As you can see, this post is about my Jesus year. Now you may be wondering what is a Jesus year. It’s your thirty-third Year and I turned thirty-three on June 24th of this year 2018. So it’s my Jesus year, so I thought that I would come to talk about what my goals are going to be for this year, although we are already into my 33rd year.

I am pretty sure that moving was a catalyst for my kind of theme for this year, it called me to look at a lot of different aspect of life, and that really includes my health, my career, my education, my love life, everything, and I had decided I’m not willing to compromise on any of that.

So my theme is really going to be about organization and getting my life together and I’m going to be working on all these areas of my life, maybe not simultaneously but at different points. I figured if I could move all across the country and restart my life, then it’s time to look at things. With moving, you not only physically pack up things and unpack things, but you also do that kind of spiritually and emotionally as well. And dealing with some of those things in a move…in a transition… kind of helped me get a lot of clarity on what I want to do.

So my next few posts will be my talking about each of my Jesus year goals and giving a progress update as it’s almost been 6 months.

If you want to skip ahead and know what the goals are, then listen to the podcast here!

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