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My Illness Changed My Life

My illness changed my life and firmly solidified that I’m truly the most monumental and magnificent person that I could ever be at this moment.  

Honestly, I was confident before my illness but after overcoming the obstacles of my life being flipped turned upside down, ain't nothing a chick or dude or whatever can say about me or the way I live my life.

I get asked all the time about how I live life so unapologetically.  

At some point, I was like “girl I just do what tf I want to do” then it dawned on me…that aint the norm.  Here I go being all magnificent but not useful.  I needed to be a little more useful in helping those who asked that question because they needed the answers just like I did when I was diagnosed, depressed, distraught, and disengaged.  

Thinking about what it took me to get here, I realized that I went thru a few steps to get here.  I actually took myself thru these steps at every point of me shifting the direction of my life with intention.  I wanted to increase my impact and not just give those generic “just do it” nike answers anymore.  

So I created the Flawless Living Playbook.  

The Flawless Living Playbook gives you the steps to create a life that you absolutely will love to live, on your terms, and unapologetically.  So that you can be the most monumental and magnificent version of yourself possible at that moment.

Get the Flawless Living Playbook for FREE.  The link is in my bio or you can go to

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