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Moving Helped Me Live With My Illness

Well, of course, I don’t have a choice but to live with my illness but moving has made that easier for me. The new environment, the people, the area, the everything has been very conducive to me living with my illness.

While in the DMV, my life there mostly consisted of times when I was not sick. So, trying to do some stuff that I was used to do and couldn’t do anymore was frustrating. My routines completely switched up at no control of my own and that just made me sad and upset about being sick. Once I moved, you have to set new routines and habits anyway because you are in a new place. So, I tailored those choices to ones that make sense because of my illness and my preferences and it’s felt natural and not like a forced change because I was sick.

The people are also different and that’s been amazing. I love my friends and loved ones in the DMV but adapting takes a lot. While they were cognizant of my illness, they never fully adjusted. They don’t live it and were also used to me not being sick. So, it’s harder for them to just switch. People I met here met me with my illness and that’s all they know. They either have to accept me as I am or not. There’s no tug of war of who I was and who I am now or trying to get them to understand why something is not feasible for me. This is it. This is Whit.

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