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Life's So Unfair

Recently, I was asked what my x-factor was and I thought about it briefly and I gave an answer. The answer was great and something that I'm really good at and it's also something a lot of people don't do. But, was it really my x-factor. It's not!

My actual X-Factor is that I always find THE LIGHT!

The light in the darkness. Life is unfair and it's a bitch...but I appreciate her. The way that I always pull up shining after going through darkness is a super power. It's also not a path paved in gold. The road is rough and it's not easy...but I always see the light.

Nearly dying and in between my two near death experiences, I had to cope with possibly losing my mother. My mother and I have always had an interesting relationship but the thought of possibly never being able to speak to her again, literally, after her stroke broke me in ways and places that I didn't know weren't pliable. All of this while my own body is literally fighting against me and trying to suffocate me. It was dark...but I found the light.

How I know it's my X-Factor is because it comes naturally to me and I do it without even realizing it. It's muscle memory at this point. However, I've had to go through it so many times to get that muscle memory, that I know helping others overcome more seamlessly and truly enjoy their lives is my calling. I found my stride. My X-Factor.

What was sent to kill me was actually what let me know that I'm hard to take down. It's what emphasized my power. It's what activated my powers. I'll always see the light. More and more, the turn towards the light makes other watching you feel like you're always shining and you're always on but baby this is WORK. It's intentional.

I will ALWAYS find the LIGHT!

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Aug 03, 2020

I love "helping others overcome more seamlessly"! That's powerful - put that, or any variation of that, on some merch!

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