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Is Social Media making you a BAD FRIEND?

Social media is great for keeping in contact with so many people. You can see what’s happening in so many people’s lives simultaneously. You can see them on facebook posting the family, instagram posting vacation pics, and tweeting away about the latest tv show or political controversy on twitter. They may even still post a snap with a cute filter every now and again. On our birthdays our timelines are flooded with Happy Birthday wishes, pictures, and videos. It’s all amazing. However, I’m realizing that the number of texts, calls, and in person interactions around events seem to be decreasing.

I mean it’s not real unless it’s Facebook official right. Are we substituting the interactions online for more personal interactions? And if we do make these calls and texts, do we still feel like we have to do it publically too? Granted these are great for when you’re far away but so is a text message or call. Are we sending emails just to check on each other to see what’s going on outside of the posts on social?

I know we ALL can do better. I’m trying to be intentional about my relationships this year. If I’m thinking about someone, I’ll just reach out (text, call, email, dm) just to say what’s up. Social media scrolling and liking can’t be enough. I’m trying to aim to do more this year.

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