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I tell my Doctor EVERYTHING

There are few people who I meet that enjoy going to the doctor. Anytime, most people mention an appointment it’s with an eye roll or a tone of annoyance and sometimes probably a little fear as well. I won’t say that I’m not one of those people. I absolutely don’t hate going to the doctor (well I hate going to the dentist) but it can be an annoyance in the day. However, especially after getting a chronic illness, I have more and more appointments so it’s becoming more routine for me.

So, I decided to remove the dread from the appointments and make the most out of it. I tell my doctor EVERYTHING. I keep notes. I make lists. I ask follow up questions. I want to know everything. Even when it’s something that can seem small, I ask about it because that small thing can be something big hiding or it could be something that eats away at my stress levels when I could have just gotten an answer.

I had an appointment this week and I asked about fiber pills, a nutritionist, strokes, bruises, sinus pressure, headaches, fasting, gall bladders…EVERYTHING. Some of these were tied to stress and life inconveniences and I feel much better about them now. So, I’m not having a stroke and I need more fiber in my diet. LOL

I mean…tell your doctor stuff. They are there to help. And ladies, stop cancelling your OB/GYN appointments because your cycle starts. If there’s any doctor you can go to on your cycle…it’s that one.

Do you loathe going to your doctor appointments?

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