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I’m not Superwoman

Well, maybe a little bit on some days, I’m superwoman.  Most days, I’m not.  However, do I put on the front that I’m superwoman and able to take on and handle everything thrown at me EVERYDAY, YES!!

I’d been thinking about writing this post after a couple of days of feeling defeated.  I’ve been exhausted when I get home.  My breathing has been funny.  I can’t decide if I just need rest, am getting sick, or I’m not reacting well to my new medications.  UGH.  But, since I’ve convinced myself (because the mind is a powerful tool) that I’m superwoman, I’ve been beating myself up.  I haven’t packed a thing since Sunday.  I didn’t cook my second meal for the week.  I haven’t cleaned up.  I haven’t prepped breakfast (or lunch on some days) all week.  I’m a complete and utter mess.  But Superwoman can’t be a mess.  So, after a long discussion with myself, I’ve decided I’m not superwoman.


This is really devastating to me!

This time last year, I was even tweeting about being superwoman.  Look:


I did it all!  I was probably doing the most but I was doing it.

I’m so over not being super woman.  Can I be superwoman part time?  I mean, I guess it’s ok to not be able to do it all.  It’s ok to not be ok.  It’s ok for me to rest because I need it.  *rolls eyes* I’m still not convinced.  I’m supposed to be strong all the time and able to do any and everything.  I guess I’ve just been covered in kryptonite.  Hopefully, the effect isn’t long lasting.  My lack of super humanness is really getting me down yall.  i haz the sads.

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