• Whitney West

I'm Not A La Carte

The parts of me are not a la carte. Im a whole meal deal.

If my WOMANHOOD offends you...

If my BLACKNESS scares you...

If my ILLNESS annoys you...

If my VOICE intimidates you...

If my FATNESS disgusts you...

YOU can remove yourself from ME...A WHOLE ME

I am unapologetically ME!

I will not dim my light because it hurts your eyes. You either put on glasses, squint and take it, or move along.

I used to try to hide the fullness of myself. I hid my oxygen when I first got diagnosed. I hid my ideas when I got in rooms. I didn't correct people because of how it would come off. I tried to lose weight for all the wrong reasons.

There is no element of me that does not contribute to me. I accept the amazingness of my totality and work on my flaws. I will not accept that you only tolerate me or portions of me.

You will not benefit from the POWER, STRENGTH, and WISDOM i possess unless you take ALL OF ME...A WHOLE ME.

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