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I Hate Judgment



Well, let me keep it real because I’m a judgey little (big) woman. We all judge. It just happens. Call me Supreme Court Justice West at times but when I try hard not to judge ANYMORE are the decisions people make for their own lives. I just really am starting to be irritated with judgment.

Of course, there was a time when I was definitely judgmental about this time of stuff but growth. I’m probably also more liberal with life than most people as well. This has been me for forever and it was just amplified when I almost lost my life a couple times ya know.

I enjoy knowing that everyone doesn’t live their lives the same way and THEY SHOULDN’T. It just burned up my soul to see an educated person being so negative about Jada and Will Smith as parents just because Willow and Jaden have strongly formed opinions that they express. Mind you, these children are not expressing these things in a disrespectful manner or being ignorant. This just isn’t normal for some people. I always looked up to the Smiths. They actually gave their children the opportunity to explore who they were without the societal constraints that a lot of us feel like we are forced to abide by.

Those constraints a lot of time end up shaping our behaviors and lives in ways that may not be true to us. If you had no worries about money, jobs, peoples gaze…what would you do? what would your life look like?

“I don’t want to make a decision for you. I want to prepare you as quick as possible to give you as much power over your life as quickly as I can” -Jada Pinkett Smith

It’s hard to think about those things because money and a job are important to us especially if we aren’t blessed with familial wealth. And especially in an Instagram age, the gaze of the people seems to be worth more than coins.

However, I urge you if even for one day a week…live for yourself. Do something the way you want to do it and FORGET everyone else’s opinion and whether it will make you money. If you get judgey questions tell the person (because it will probably be someone close to you) that you didn’t ask for their opinion and your decision is yours and one you have to live with not them.

Whether it’s your hair, your college major, the way you give birth, the way you raise your kids, your decision to move, the job you take, the trip you take, the way you speak…whatever it is…own it. Be you. Forget the judgment and try to give that leniency to others. Let your people live their lives. If they ask, respectfully give your opinion or DON’T. But let people choose for themselves. What makes you happy could make someone else miserable. Take care of yourself and others. Check on one another…and leave the fucking judgment in the trash!

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