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How to Shed Limiting Beliefs

We all have dreams that we may feel like we are limited in achieving.

I completely understand that you don’t want to fail but you’re already failing by not trying.

Our brains are powerful but sometimes they need a little adjusting to put that imagination towards the amazing possibilities instead of how you horribly things can go.

Your beliefs are absolutely keeping you stuck and will have you growing roots when you’re not even a tree!

Fear tells you that you can’t do it as a mechanism of protection but it also limits your possibilities

In case you missed the steps, here they are!

  1. Write a list of all the things you believed to be impossible or gave up on but still want

  2. Write down all the negative thoughts about achieving them

  3. Make a new list positively framing what you want to do

  4. Create a list of possible barriers

Going in with your eyes open to your negative thoughts, preparing for barriers and having affirming thoughts around the situation will be what will help you shed the beliefs that are limiting your life and happiness

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