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How to Handle Financial Stress if You Have Debt and Chronic Illness

We all have to deal with financial stress, but you might be surprised at how much more that stress affects people living with chronic illness.

What causes the most anxiety?

Did you answer "finances" to that question? You're not alone. Income instability is one of the leading sources of daily stress for those with chronic illness, and it's something they experience to a greater extent than many other Americans. This results in problems sleeping, feelings of isolation, increased depression and even higher rates of suicide among people with chronic illnesses than those without. Financial problems are known to be major contributors to poor health .

Why do so many people with disabilities live below the poverty line?

Many factors play into this terrifying statistic: lack of education about their rights, not being aware of how to change their benefits, and trouble finding work are just a few. But the biggest factor is lack of financial resources. This affects everyone, especially people with disabilities living on low incomes.

You have options for dealing with overwhelming debt even if you have chronic illness. Here's what you need to know about how your illness might affect your choices.

Many people who live with chronic illnesses also have other medical issues that can complicate things like managing bills or accessing needed resources. Learning to recognize when it becomes too much is key for keeping yourself safe .

One thing many people don't realize is that helping someone else financially may actually hurt them in the long run , by furthering the negative feelings they already have toward their own personal finances.

You can stay financially stable when you're living with chronic illness by developing a strong support network, staying organized and seeking help when you need it. You deserve to live life fully even in the face of financial hardship .

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