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How to Create the ULTIMATE Vision Board

Vision boards have been getting more and more mention in the last few years.  I’ve done vision boards for the last couple of years.  The first one I did was virtual and the two I did last year were both physical.

So, now you’ve decided that you want to make a vision board.  Where do you get started?

There are a few things that go into making a vision board and you need to think about these things before you get started making your vision board.  If you don’t take a moment to consider these things, your vision board may not do what it’s supposed to do and won’t be helpful.

What is a vision board?

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. – Jonathan Swift”

A vision board is the visual representation of things that you wish to accomplish or speak into existence for usually a year but it can be a shorter time or a longer time.  It helps you focus on what you want.  When you see your dreams in front of you, it can be a helpful tool in accomplishing them.

How do you learn?

The answer to this question will help you determine what type of vision board you need to create?  Are you a person who needs a physical board, maybe you’re better with an electronic copy, maybe you want a dynamic changing board.


What are the types of vision boards?

Vision boards are personal so it can be whatever you want but here are 3 vision boards types that are helpful.

  1. Physical – This type of board will involve you getting a poster board and magazines and clipping things that fit into your vision.  You can print pictures or quotes on the internet as well.  You may even want to use some actual pictures of you.

  2. Virtual – There are several sites that allow you to make a virtual vision board without all the hassle of finding magazines or printing the images.  You can put everything together rapidly on your computer.

  3. Pinterest – You can create a secret board on Pinterest and pin away.  This type can be very effective but it can spiral out of control easily.  Consider limiting how many pins you will add to the board.  If you continually add it may just become another regular board for you and not a helpful vision board.

What topics should you address in your vision board?

There’s a usual list of topics that people address in vision boards and I’ll share that below.  However, I want to mention that you do NOT have to address each of these in your vision board or even on ONE vision board.  Maybe you’ll have a work/financial vision board and a personal one.  Decide what works best for you.  You don’t want to overload your vision.

  1. Relationships

  2. Financial

  3. Personal Development

  4. Travel

  5. Careers

  6. Home

  7. Health

  8. Family

Once you use all that to create your ultimate vision board, place the board somewhere you will see it, save it as the background on your phone or computer, or make it a daily/weekly habit to look at it.

Now go forth and flourish this year!!!

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