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Eight Days

E I G H T D A Y S That’s the number of days I lost of my life on a ventilator in ICU in February 2014 when my body completely gave out and I was hypoxic and nearly dead. During that time, my lungs tried to give out, I had full pneumonia, I had just had major surgery to remove my gall bladder, and the doctors had not a single clue what was going on because my body was doing things it should not have at all.

Picture of me at home recovering after I was finally released.

I woke up in my hospital room during the few hours that I had been alone the whole time. The only reason I knew how long it had been was because Scandal was coming on.

I spent another week or so in the hospital. They wouldn’t let me leave because my oxygen numbers wouldn’t recover and there still was no logical reason for why. I finally left the hospital with oxygen. I thought I would have it for a few weeks. It’s been almost 5 years.

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