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Diverted but not Derailed

One moment you're eating a blueberry muffin and planning an evening with your girls, the next you're in the hospital. Not only did I go months without answers and a new accessory of oxygen, when I did get a diagnosis there was no information about my illness and I had no clue how to navigate and re-enter my life after being completely derailed.

I pushed through and went into autopilot but autopilot wasn't sufficient after a while because my anger, frustration, sadness, and confusion were all there. I realized that they would continue to be there unless I decided to take control of my life again even though I was sick.

🛑Wait...I was sick. Saying it, knowing it, realizing it...accepting it shifted my thoughts and my actions. Once I knew what I was facing, I was able to adjust and plan what I really wanted for my life. There was no more wait. My new mentality was "Don't Wait".

I didn't wait to travel abroad. I didn't wait to move across the country. I didn't wait to get more education. I didn't wait to start my business. I didn't wait to start living the best life that I could imagine for myself.

✨What would happen if you could imagine a life you love for yourself...and live it?✨

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