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Dating Hiatus

Do you realize when you’re burnt out from something and you have to take a break from it? If you don’t you should really think about when things are wearing you out, making you tired, giving you headaches, etc. When something does that it needs to be put back on the shelf at least temporarily. That’s where I am with dating

I’m just exhausted and done trying now. I currently have some things to work on within myself and the FOOLISHNESS that is dating was just distracting me and annoying me, if we’re being honest.

Also, unfortunately, I’m living in a place where some of the men I come in contact with have a very different idea of dating than I do. Between being scared of titles and having colorism issues, there also lies the fact that they like to just have babies all willy nilly.


Yes girl (or guy)…babies. You’d be better off trying to get sperminated here than to get in a relationship. I’d be like my luck is off if this wasn’t the case for several women I know here. We ALL have the texts to prove it.

Anyway, I’m about to stack my money, do all the pilates, go to therapy, excel in my career, and build my business. If I happen to meet someone whilst out living…so be it. But, I can’t even think about it right now!

Have you ever taken a break from dating?

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