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Cutting Costs

When I decided that I needed to get my finances in order, I knew there would be some things that I needed to cut. I had previously cut down on things but I was living on the East Coast and those funds just went into living/surviving costs. I wasn’t able to really allocate them into places. If I had been being more diligent, I probably could have but that’s a lesson learned.

One of the things that I cut before I left Maryland was cable. When I cut cable, I decided that I would get SlingTV to watch the TV that I wanted to watch but not have the high cost. SlingTV cost about $25 or $30 a month. After moving, I slowly came to realize that i was not even using that. So, it became the first thing I cut.

What else did I cut: 1. Audible Subscription – I wasn’t anxious to get my credit every month and had about 5 that I needed to use up. So I have plenty to listen to until I can afford it again if I want to get it back later. 2. Housekeeping Services – I had a service coming every other week at $76 a time. However, I noticed that sometimes my apartment didn’t even really need cleaning. They had a monthly service that was about $100. However, I found someone else to come to do monthly that actually DOES MORE for about the same as my former bi-weekly payment! Win! 3. Eating Out – I try not to let the $4 here (hey Wendy’s) or $3 here and $8 here come for my money again. I added up how much I spent one month when I thought I was being good. It was over $200. WOW. Now, I only eat out once a month unless I spend my pocket money (like for a Taco Tuesday or Wendy’s that are under $10) I also, fortunately, get to eat free occasionally since I’m a blogger. That helps! 4. Online Shopping – I would love a sale email but now I just delete delete delete unless I budget for something I specifically need. 5. Domains – I owned a few domains I wasn’t using, as they’ve come up for renewal again, I let them go. That saved hundreds of dollars that I didn’t need to spend.

Would you like to hear about the stuff I’m not willing to cut off yet?

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