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Be Your Best Advocate

What do you want to do and how do you want you life to look?

I have asked this question to the women I help and the answer is often times “I don’t know”. All of the decisions and choices they have been making in their life especially since their diagnosis have been for someone else. Family, lovers, friends, the ideal of “normalcy”.

Sometimes it’s because you feel like you have to be strong for everyone else. Sometimes it’s because focusing outwardly lets you forget about the big changes in your life. Sometimes the constant motion gives you a false sense of control.

Being able to sit alone with myself and evaluate what I want and need were key in me living a life that I love.

However, before I could even fathom deciding what I wanted and going after it, I had to make sure that I wouldn’t slip back into putting myself last.

I had to train to be my best and most thorough advocate. I will be doing a FREE self advocacy master class soon. If you are interested email me at

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