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Addicted to Audible

Hello My Loves,

I’m going to make a controversial statement. I boycotted reading long ago.  Well boycotted is a strong word but I mean it’s true.  I was an avid reader when I was growing up and there came a point when some of the best literary works to my young mind were going to be made into movies.  I was more than excited.  I was overjoyed.

As we now know, I had just set myself up to be disappointed – devastated even.  I decided that what was the point of reading these beautiful works if people would just RUIN THEM recklessly.  So I boycotted.  Over time, my attention span got clogged up with so much crap that it became hard for me to read long things.  I like to get the knowledge but sitting down to read a lot at once just made me unable.  My friends know this about me and warn me of long articles they send or know to come back for comments after a reasonable (for me) amount of time.  Something has to be AMAZING to captivate me to tune out my hectic mind to read it.

The last thing that did this was HUNGER GAMES.  And then boom…Movie 1 was a disappointment.  Granted the next movies were better but I still never finished the movie series.

So you know who saved the day.  You have to know because it’s the title of the blog.

Yes, Audible. 

However did you guess?  I mean I feel like I’m being EXTRA by saying I’m addicted because I’ve only listened to one and a possible and a partial book on there so far but hey it’s good.  There’s one book that I’m listening to now that I have tried to read on Kindle for the last YEAR.  It bored the life out of me but I knew there were gems there.  I’m almost halfway through it on Audible and I’m glad I am.  I also listened to Gabrielle Union’s book…GOLD!  I could get used to this.  My next venture on Audible will be FICTION which I feel will be harder to listen but I’m going to start with GAME OF THRONES!

Do you use audible?  What books do you recommend I listen to?

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