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1-on-1 Session

Dedicated to You

From personal to professional growth, Whitney West wants to help you overcome your struggles in order to create the successful future of which you’ve always dreamt. Answer some questions below and start benefiting today.

1-on-1 Session: Programs

One on One Coachng

Designed for YOU.  What's covered?

1-on-1 Session: List

Design Your Life

"I don't know what I want" is a sentence that I commonly here.  During one on one coaching, you are taught how to figure out what you want and design a life you love.

Focused Goal Setting

Do your goals intimidate you? Well, it's likely that you are looking at the end instead of the next step.  During coaching, we work on actionable goals.

Conquering Choice

Once you've designed your life and set your goals, you have a choice if you will take action.  During coaching we work on getting through decision paralysis.

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1-on-1 Session: Testimonials

Janae E.

I just want to say that I had a one-on-one planning session with Whitney after her live stream, and it was the truth! I have a whole new perspective on saving, and she pointed out to me some ways that I can save much more aggressively than I anticipated.

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